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Ad Submission

Color Proof
A direct digital color proof (DDCP) is required for all four-color ads. Proofs must meet SWOP standards and must be pulled from the final digital data that is submitted for print.

A laser or inkjet proof is required for all spot color and black & white ads. All proofs must be provided at 100% with trim and bleed marks indicated where applicable. Send separation and composite proofs for spot colors if using a black & white printer.

Digital laser and inkjet proofs cannot be used for four-color ads. If submitted in place of a DDCP, the proof will be used for content only. In this case, and cases when a proof is not supplied, UBM Canon will not be responsible for color variations between the digital file and the printed image.

Send proofs to:
UBM Canon
ATTN: Ad Management Services
11444 W. Olympic Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90064-1549
Reference Phone: 310/445-4200

If your digital ad is smaller than 5-Mb, send your ad directly to the Production Coordinator. Don’t forget to mention publication and issue.

Our FTP site can only be accessed through your web browser (Explorer, Firefox etc.) using the information below. This program will automatically email us once the file is uploaded. If you are behind a firewall that won’t allow you to upload files via your web browser please contact us.

Prior to uploading your file, run through this ENTIRE checklist to ensure an acceptable file is submitted:

  • Format: please be sure it is one of the five acceptable file formats: PDF, EPS, TIFF, JPEG or Postscript.
  • Color: all color except for paid spot colors, including placed images, illustrations, graphics, text, etc., set to CMYK or Grayscale.
  • Spot Color: Unpaid spot colors converted to process color.
  • Resolution: the file and the images within the file should be at least 266-300 dpi.
  • Fonts: all fonts should be embedded or outlined — NO Font Substitutions.
  • Trim, bleed, and center marks, offset at least 1/8" (9 points) from the trim.
  • Appropriate proof generated from the final digital file.

Compressing (zipping or stuffing) your file will help to reduce the file size and prevent corruption.
Click on the address below and enter the password. (If you type the address in your browser it must appear as shown below.)


PASSWORD: adtraffic